Here’s to growth and happiness
in every person’s career journey

Using AI to predict a person’s match rate to jobs, Wanted provides personalized job recommendations, content and learning programs to empower the lifelong career journey.

As a trusted companion in every stage of a person’s career, we aim to become the most loved Life Career Platform in the world.

Achieving new milestones, one day at a time.

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Matching 2M+ professionals to 10K+ companies, in more than 2.2M match cases Asia-wide.

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Our AI Matching Engine improves a person’s hire success rate by 4X and reduces an employer’s time-to-hire by 70%.

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Each month, we collect and analyze more than 120M data points in real time.

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Wanted recommends growth solutions for every stage of your career.

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Find job opportunities with confidence! AI Matching improves hiring success by 4X.

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500+ industry leaders share practical know-how and industry trends in online conferences and learning programs.

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In the gig economy era, Wanted Gigs connects you to 2M+ experts for any project request.

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A smart, easy HR solution for team management through time attendance and vacation management, approvals etc.

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Beyond Korea, over 300K talents and 1.5K companies are partnering with Wanted across Asia.

Our way of working together
for the career happiness of all professionals

We envision Wanted to become a trusted roadmap for a lifelong career of fulfillment, growth, and ultimate success.

To achieve this, we’ve compiled the Wanted Way, our way of working together.

The Wanted team relently dares to keep pushing boundaries. To achieve our mission to bring “career happiness to all,” we work within a culture of empowering each other through a positive and growth oriented mindset.

Wanted continues to develop that roadmap, for all working professionals around the world to hold throughout their career journey.

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